Effects of an anaerobic lactic training session on the postural stability of athletes

Aim: The aim of this study was to analyze the short-term ef-fects of a lactate-accumulation training session on postural stability.

Methods: Fifteen athletes performed two trainings sessions (warm-up and lactic-training session). Before training (Pre), immediately after (Post0min), thirty minutes later (Post30min) and after 24 hours (Post24h), athletes were subject to a bipodal and a monopodal stabilometries and a lactate blood analysis to ensure a high stress level.

Results: Variance analysis (α=0.05) showed that, in lactic training, athletes experienced an increase of length and velocity in post0min, a decrease at post30min and a new decrease at post24h, which was lower than basal values. In monopodal stability, left-leg support showed a decrease at post0min in an-teroposterior plane of athletes after lactic training. Also, in both monopodal supports, athletes displayed higher values of length and velocity in post0min after lactic training, with a progressive decrease which was significant at Post24h, when they reached baseline.

Conclusion: Right after anaerobic lactic training, center-of-pressure dispersion variables in bipodal stabilometry are worsened. Thirty minutes later, stabilometric variables are still deteriorated. At 24 hours, stabilometry is better than baseline. In monopodal support, dispersion values are wors-ened after lactic training and anteroposterior stability is im-paired in left monopodal support, although the deterioration is less evident as time passes.

Key words: Lactate – Athletes – Postural balance.

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