easyCAD Insole™


easyCAD insole is a modeling software 3D CAD for the design and realization of orthotics. It supports the creation of orthosis computerized plantars, starting from the design phase up. The extremely powerful and professional performance together with its simplicity of use, allow easyCAD Insole to be the perfect combination of orthopedic traditional technique and the modern technology of milling and 3D printing. The development of self-modeling tools, the default object library and templates, allow the simplification of the process of design, thus improving the professional workflow in the various stages of production.

product features

3d redering in
real time

Freehand drawing tool, automatic thickness correction and much more


Toolpath export in ISO G-CODE, Isel NCP, XYZ formats


Patient and project database management, materials and coatings archive

how easycad insole improves your work

easyCAD Insole manages a complete archive of patients and their projects. It allows easy data transmission among the various sharpened production centres associating each individual project with the relevant data sheet and compliance form and allows autonomous management of materials and coatings.

Contains a complete instrumentation to draw, modify and customize the sets of templates and the development of ready-made models.

easyCAD Insole imports automatically all analyses made through freeStep, ensuring full compatibility with all analysis systems of Sensor Medica.


  • Podoscan 2D and 3D
  • FreeMed baropodometry platforms
  • Treadmill Runtime
  • Podoscan 2D and 3D with STL export, baropodometry platforms with raw data export 3D MILLING AND PRINTING SYSTEMS
  • CNC Vulcan end mills
  • General-purpose end mills compatible with ISO-GCODE standard
  • 3D printers

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  • Patient and project database management
  • Database LAN sharing
  • Archive of materials and coatings
  • User-friendly design interface
  • 3D rendering in real time
  • Native libraries with 9 orthotic templates
  • Native libraries with 15 orthotic corrective insoles templates
  • Template library, insoles and elements customizable
  • Automatic numbered creation for templates and insoles
  • Quick modeling of 3D foot images
  • Self-modeling functions by design quick from pressure analysis even without the use of 3D scanners
  • Freehand drawing tools
  • Design through the library of prepared elements
  • Automatic thickness correction minimum and maximum
  • Automatic development tools of models and customized templates
  • Direct import from 2D scanners,3D scanner and baropodometric platforms compatible
  • Automatic compilation and printing of the technical data sheet of the project
  • Integrated machine path generator: no other software needed
  • Toolpath export in formats ISO G-CODE, Isel NCP, XYZ, STL


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