Is Bodyweight affecting posturography in children aged between 9 and 11 years? Evidences of a pilot intervention

Aim: The present inves’ga’on aimed at the evalua’on of the posturographic parameters in a sample of children of both sexes with the aim to better understand if posturography can be adopted and useful during school age period.

Methods: A number of 74 children (10,2±0,7 yrs; 145,7±8,7 cm; 42,2±9,9 kg;) aQending 6th grade school have been involved during one week data collec’on period (October, 2015). All children were invited to participate at static baropodometric and stabilometric analyses carried out through a force platform freeStep® and a computer software freeMed® provided by Sensor Medica® (Guidonia, Montecelio, Roma, Italy). The following variables were recorded: 1) Anthropometric characteris’cs; 2) Baropodometric parameters and stabilometric parameters. The data were analyzed with STATISTICA 8.0 software and the One-way ANOVA analysis and/or T-test analysis were adopted when appropriate.

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Categories: Pedana FreeMed
Tags: Bianco, Brusa, Di Miceli, Garraffo, Iovane, Martines, Messina, Milazzo, Palma, Paoli, Patti, Posturalab, Sardisco
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