The effect of oxygen-ozone treatment on posture

Abstract: The way we step, the functioning of the oculomotor muscles, the dental occlusion and the mobility of the temporomandibular joint influence our posture and balance. A dysfunction at one of these levels or the presence of skin scars affects the kinematic chain of movement, generating muscle contractions, decreased joint mobility, vertebral static disorders and, finally, bone changes. […]

Methodology: Using the Free Step baropodometric platform and the Spine 3D spinal statics investigation system, both produced by Sensor Medica Italy
, we were able to evaluate the effect of ozone, administered in the form of local infiltrations, on posture and balance. […]

Results and discussions:

It is well known that with the passage of time, our posture undergoes changes [2], both through musculoskeletal and nervous system degradation.
Kneeosteoarthritis is a problem of adulthood, through weight gain and lack of movement.
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Categories: Spine3D
Tags: Balance, ozone, ozone therapy, Posture, vertebral statics
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