Evaluation of relationship between balance parameters and bone mineral density

Abstract: In the present study, a group of people aged 20-85 who visited the bone mineral densitometry center of the Shariati Hospital, were analyzed. Participants were asked to stand up barefoot on Wii balance board and in front of a Kinect sensor. We calculated the center of pressure (COP) and center of mass (COM) using the data from Wii balance board and Kinect, respectively. By evaluating balance parameters, we show that there is a reverse relationship between center of mass acceleration and femur’s bone
mineral density. Further research in the subject may facilitate the design of equipment that can reduce the rate of falling in patients.

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Categories: Pedana FreeMed
Tags: acceleration of cneter of mass, center of mass, center of pressure, falling, Femur bone mineral density, Kinect, Wii balance board
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