Kinesiological Treatment of Early Spine Osteoarthritis in a Motorcyclist

Background: This case report speculates that the prolonged vibrations from enduro off-road sports are deleterious to the spine. The results of this case report may also aid sports physicians in better understanding this complex and relatively unknown phenomenon. No published data are present in the current literature that demonstrate the correlation between early spine osteoarthritis from enduro motorcycle overuse and the long-term management effects of a non-invasive kinesiological approach to reduce pain and inflammation and improve spine mobility and muscle strength. […]

Case Report: A 45-year-old off-road motorcyclist—1.78 cm tall, with a weight of 80 kg—experienced acute pain over the thoracolumbar region during a vintage motorcycle race championship in the absence of any accident or critical event to explain the acute pain onset. […]

Conclusion. This is a clinical report in which early spine osteoarthritis from enduro motorcycle overuse is present. The report supports previous findings on early spine osteoarthritis and motorcycling vibrations. This study hypothesizes a possible relationship between long-time vibration exposure and early spine osteoarthritis.[…]

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Tags: enduro motorcyclist, muscle strength, overuse, pain, prevention, spine, spine mobility, spine osteoarthritis
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