Reliability analysis of an innovative technology for the assessment of spinal abnormalities

Background: Rasterstereography represents a viable alternative as screening tool for the analysis of the spinal abnormalities due to the advantages in comparison with the invasiveness of the radiology. In the last decade, several technologies have been proposed to accomplish with this aim. However, the reliability of such approach is still questioned. Tests were conducted on nine male healthy subjects, asking them to maintain four different upright positions while data was acquired by SPINE3D. […]

Methods: Data were gathered with the innovative Spine3D non-invasive three-dimensional optoelectronic detection system designed by Sensor Medica (Guidonia Montecelio, IT).

Results: The ranges of the ICC values for the intra- and inter-day reliability related to the parameters computed for the NP are reported in Table 1. Regarding intra-day reliability, ICC values range from moderate to excellent. Specifically, moderate results were found in two cases, PT and TI with an ICC equal to 0.72 and 0.74, respectively. […]

Conclusion. Paper aims at investigating the intra- and inter-day reliability of the Spine3D and to determine the capability of the system to discriminate among four different upright positions in order to simulate the validity of such system as tool for follow-up. […]

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Categories: Spine3D
Tags: 3d spine, imaging, Posture, reliability, tof technology
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